Lead of the One Beyond maintainers Team

Escrito por: Ulises Gascón

Nov 22, 20222 min read

As the Head of Open Source at One Beyond, I have taken the initiative to establish a team of maintainers to assist the Open Source community. This team comprises both One Beyond staff and external collaborators.

Our objective is to offer infrastructure, security, and open governance for our Open Source projects.

My participation

  • Migrate dozens of repositories from previous organizations to the new one
  • Coordinate the definition of policies such as issues, pull requests, security, contribution guides, and code of conduct for the organization.
  • Provide basic infrastructure such as GitHub Actions, third-party integrations, servers, cost models, and so on.
  • Create How-to guides for maintainers and contributors.
  • Define the creation of metrics in accordance with the CHAOSS recommendations.
  • Train and onboard new maintainers.
  • Implement security policies and tools to protect the organization.
  • Establish open communication channels with the community (YouTube, Slack, Twitter, etc.).
  • Promote open source within the company and encourage employee engagement in projects.
  • Assist in defining a roadmap for the organization and its projects.
  • Make strategic decisions to make open source projects more accessible to historical maintainers.
  • Migrate repositories to the new organization in NPM.
  • Manage security patching and vulnerabilities for projects.
  • Moderate and initiate technical discussions on projects.
  • Define a clear project lifecycle and establish policies for archiving them.

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