Participant of the Node.js Web Server Frameworks Team

Escrito por: Ulises Gascón

Jan 30, 20242 min read

The Web-Server Frameworks Team is a place for Node.js framework authors and users to collaborate on the future direction and feature set of the frameworks and related Node.js core APIs. The main goal of the team is to improve collaboration across the ecosystem and foster a better dialog between all parties involved.


Topics which this team discussed or challenges this team decides to take on should fall under one of the goals of the team:

  • Improve Node.js core api support for frameworks
  • Provide feedback and collaboration on Node.js core features and proposals
  • Improve collaboration among framework authors
  • Provide support for frameworks when security issues or bugs arise
  • Be a resource for Node.js security concerns in APIs which touch web frameworks (ex. HTTP1/2/3)
  • Collaborate with other Node.js WGs and teams where it makes sense

Things which should not be done in this repo:

  • Framework wars
  • Promotion of specific tools/resource/etc. without a clear topic for collaboration/discussion
  • Putting down projects, authors or solutions to a problem
  • Determine what is/is not a framework
  • Maintain a list of frameworks, framework authors or maintainers

My participation

  • Participate in the recurrent meetings and discussions
  • Help to define the agenda and topics to be discussed as a chair

Last meeting

Meetings that I leaded