Member of the Node.js Security WG

Escrito por: Ulises Gascón

May 26, 20225 min read

The Ecosystem Security Working Group works to improve the security of the Node.js Ecosystem.

Responsibilities include:

  • Work with the Node Security Platform to bring community vulnerability data into the foundation as a shared asset.
  • Ensure the vulnerability data is updated in an efficient and timely manner. For example, ensuring there are well-documented processes for reporting vulnerabilities in community modules.
  • Maintain and make available data on disclosed security vulnerabilities in:
    • The core Node.js project
    • Other projects maintained by the Node.js Foundation technical group
    • The external Node.js open source ecosystem
  • Promote the improvement of security practices within the Node.js ecosystem.
  • Facilitate and promote the expansion of a healthy security service and product provider ecosystem.

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