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Jul 27, 20232 min read

The Release working group's purpose is:

  • Management/execution of the release and support process for all releases.

Its responsibilities are:

  • Define the release process.
  • Define the content of releases.
  • Generate and create releases.
  • Test Releases.
  • Manage the LTS and Current branches including backporting changes to these branches.
  • Define the policy for what gets backported to release streams.

The Release working group is structured into teams and membership in the working group does not automatically result in membership in these teams. These teams are:

  • Releasers team
  • LTS team
  • CITGM team

The releasers team is entrusted with the secrets and CI access to be able build and sign releases. Additions to the releasers team must be approved by the TSC following the process outlined in

The Long Term Support (LTS) team manages the process/content of LTS releases and the required backporting for these releases. Additions to the LTS team needs sign off from the rest of the LTS team.

The Canary in the Gold Mine (CITGM) team maintains CITGM as one of the key sanity checks for releases. This team maintains the CITGM repository and works to keep CITGM builds running and passing regularly. This also includes maintaining the CI jobs in collaboration with the Build Working Group.

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